Mikaeri Bijin (arya) wrote in ferretlicious,
Mikaeri Bijin


Today there was a business of humans, they were all huddled over some kind of game that didn't involve socks. I didn't know games could lack socks, but somehow the humans managed it. The she-human brought me upstairs so that the other humans could coo over my cuteness, and they were appropriately awed. Still the prettiest. -Gwen

I have hooked up with a Really Hot Sprite. The humans said something about keeping my diet appropriate for my age, so now we've got our own pad. This sprite Chloe? She digs me. She's not quite as cute as that Kaoru girl, but she's attractive in a mature way. I invited her over to my hammock, and we've been sleeping curled up next to each other. Too bad my nuts got cut off. -Yoda

Yoda is really hot. He's truly a Jedi Master. He's not annoying like Gwen is, and he's not as domineering as Sanosuke. I swear, that Sanotaro? He used to think he could just have his way with us sprites, because he was the only male. Well. He may think he's some kind of pimp daddy, but he's still just a gib. At least Yoda likes to cuddle. -Chloe

I lost me some of my bitches. Well, just one of them. Since the humans introduced the new boy, I'm no longer the only male around here. I was the Pimp Daddy Master. But now he's moving in on my wimmins! Lucky for him, the humans took him out of my pad, and now I can resume my sexy parties. Of course, Chloe moved out with him, too. Whatever. I don't dig antique chicks. -Sano

I am getting frustrated. Every time I pull My Penguin under the bed, the humans keep pulling it back out and putting it places where I can't drag him around. So today, I stole the boyhuman's shoe, and rather than praise me for my wonderfully thoughtful handiwork, he stole My Shoe and put it on his foot and then left. The nerve of some folks. -Kaoru
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