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We are playing. The she-human was trying to type on the laptop, and we decided to help. I jumped up on the keyboard and started tapping on all the keys. The human put me on the floor. Then I ran off with her teddybear. -Gwen

The she-human was sad earlier today. She talked into the little noise-making toy, the one that rings and lights up, and then when she stopped talking into it, she was crying. I jumped up into her arms and made myself look cute, and then she was much happier. My work here is done. -Sano

I climed into Yoda and Chloe's cage (the senior ferretzen's home) and dug in their litterbox. I got corncob litter everywhere. I have done a splendid job, and both of the humans agreed, as they were so happy to see my handiwork that they started dooking very loudly. -Kaoru

The humans still won't let me have any orange juice. Bastards. -Chloe

These new weasels are very odd. They always want to sniff my ass. I think Sano is gay. At least the chicks dig me too. -Yoda
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